Saltwater Triple Challenge

The Saltwater Triple Challenge is easy enough to describe – shoot and claim one kingfish, one snapper and one kahawai, but it will not be quite so easy to achieve. This challenge is open to all members, there is no time limit, and all fish shot on or after 20/01/18 are eligible.

Claim your fish on the normal claim forms. i.e small game forms for most fish but use a big game fish form if you are lucky enough to take a kingfish over 15 kg.

NZ fisheries regulations apply so the kingfish must be a minimum length of 75 cm while the snapper minimum varies between 25 cm and 30 cm depending on where you are bowfishing. While there is no official minimum size for kahawai our own rules set a minimum of 25 cm.

And your reward for completing this challenge will be – well we haven’t actually worked that out yet. Certainly you will have gained three excellent table fish and you will get your name in our magazine to celebrate your achievement. No doubt we will come up with a suitable game patch or trophy by the time you have shot your three fish.